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If you suspect you have a problem with hornets at your Oxfordshire home or business premises, get in touch with today. At Wasp Nest Removal Oxfordshire, we have a wealth of experience when it comes to hornet and hornets’ nest removal. In the UK, hornets are not seen as commonly as wasps, but it is still vital to put a solution in place if you suspect they are present on your property.

But how to do you tell the difference between wasps and hornets?

Hornet nest removal service in Oxfordshire

What do wasps and hornets have in common?

How do I treat a hornet sting?

You should approach a hornet sting in the same way as a wasp sting. To reduce the chances of being stung, you can have their nests destroyed. We can carry out this task to the highest standard.

Hornet nest removal in Berkshire

Hornet Nest Removal

Once a hornet’s nest is identified it is best to act quickly to deal with the problem. We can provide same-day assistance and have a great deal of assistance when it comes to dealing with hornet infestations. What is more is we know where hornets build their nests, which means we know where to look for them. Nests are commonly created in loft spaces, bird nest boxes and hollow walls.

If you do not have the experience and expertise to deal with a hornet nest, leave things to the professionals. It is dangerous to approach a hornet nest yourself. We can arrive at your property in no time at all, using innovative and effective treatments to eradicate your problem.

Hornet Nest Treatment

Hornets nests tend to be at their biggest in July and August, with colonies often reaching 750 in capacity. The job must be undertaken by highly equipped, skilled professionals with vast experience in this area. Before we apply any insecticide treatment, we will explain what it is and how it works. If the nest is easy to reach, we can get the job done within an hour. The work is fully guaranteed, and we will revisit free of charge if a second treatment is required.

After we have neutralised the nest, we will give you valuable advice on how to prevent problems with hornet nests in future. Talk to Wasp Nest Removal Oxfordshire today to find out more.

Sting Treatment

Many people enter a state of panic when they come into close contact with a wasp. If you have ever been stung by a wasp, you may become incredibly anxious when one flies near to you. Young children are particularly scared of wasps, but many full-grown adults are also very fearful of them.

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Wasps, hornets and bees may look remarkably like each other, but they are hugely different. At Wasp Nest Removal Oxfordshire, we have vast experience when it comes to humanely resolving problems with wasps, hornets and bees.

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